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O Yori restaurant's vegetarian options~

Had dinner at O Yori restaurant with Kia. It's been forever since my last visit and they've added some new vegetarian items to their menu since then.


One of their newer vegan items is their Dwenjang Vegetable Ramen (11,000 won). It came out in a very large bowl with a good amount of veggies such as bok choi, mung bean sprouts, two different mushrooms, scallions, and onions.


But the best part was definitely the super tasty dwenjang soup which was thick and salty like ramen soups should be. It was perfect for a chilly day and I definitely slurped up every drop!


Kia got their 'Japanese-style mushroom on rice.' The original dish comes with beef, but you can get it veganized (no cows, soy sauce instead of oyster sauce) for 1,000 cheaper. It was a pretty simple dish but I think Kia enjoyed it~!


Miso soup and sweet pickled radish and purple cabbage on the side.


Here's their new vegetarian menu.


They also have a Japanese curry which normally comes with chicken, but it can be veganized if you ask (9,000 won). They also still have their delicious Tofu Steak on their menu, in all it's crispy-crust glory. It's a little pricier than their other dishes and it's quite a lot of tofu for one person, but if you have a dining partner I highly recommend it!

Overall, it was a lovely dining experience and I was happy to see that O Yori is still going strong and serving up some great veggie fare, especially with all the intense restaurant competition in Hongdae/Hapjeong. Definitely check out this classy restaurant if you're in the area. The ambiance is very clean, modern, and simple, and they have English-speaking staff who can help accommodate your needs.

Check website for menu, directions, and opening hours.

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