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In case you haven't noticed, lately, I've been eating out a heck of a lot more than usual. Due to all the traveling I've been doing, my sister being here, and with all the new and old friends I've been meeting up with, there has been a lot of dining out. The good part is that I get to experience new restaurants as well as return to some old faves, and ofcourse, I also get to taste some delicious vegan food. However, the downside is that it also makes a significant dent in my wallet. After eating out so much, sometimes all I want is something simple, fresh, cheap, and homey. Here are a few of the meals and snacks that my sister and I have eaten at home in-between all the restaurant-hopping.


An astronomical salad made up of greens, carrots, cucumbers, red onions, yellow and orange bell peppers, some chunks of German brot, and sesame seeds. For the dressing, I just whisked together some balsamic vinegar, olive oil, mustard, garlic powder, and sugar.


Is that a chunk of beef? Nope, just some 4-grain brot. Looks a bit scary, but tasted great.


Rice & veggie-tofu-mushroom curry


A fresh salad smothered in dwenjang-ranchy dressing, and a cinnamon raisin bagel with pb. Please excuse the newspaper spread... it's cuz I've been painting at my dining table.


I recently finished the ridiculously expensive 'Once Again' organic peanut butter I bought last month, so that called for a breakfast of oats-in-a-jar!


The oats were cooked with soymilk, a mashed banana, and wheat bran, and then was topped with sunflower seeds, ground flax seed, blackstrap molasses, and cinnamon. I also bought a bunch of cherries on sale at my local HomePlus Express! :) Such a happy way to start my day.


Next, vegan ramen, cuz sometimes the body wants cheap junk.


And moving onto the snack department, first up, we have the classic banana with pb. I have now opened my first jar of PB&Co chunky peanut butter that my sister brought for me. Oh my word, it is addicting. I can't help sneaking spoonfuls of it into my mouth whenever I wander into my kitchen. The jar is disappearing at an alarming rate. Good thing I have 2 more. :)


A slice of 4-grain brot with heaps of pumpkin puree, sprinkled with cinnamon for a pre-workout snack.


Last but not least, herb bread from Paul & Paulina bakery in Hongdae. Man, this was divine.

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