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'Domestic Bliss' group art show
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I kind of briefly mentioned this a few posts back, but starting next week, I'm going to have a few paintings up at Jay Gallery! It's actually a bit weird how it happened, but my friend Eric Scott Nelson who is in the show is actually "renting" out part of his gallery space to me and some other artists, which is in turn, part of the concept for his exhibit which goes along with the show's theme of "Domestic Bliss." I plan on showing three small paintings.

So if you have time and are in the Insadong area, check it out. And if you come to the opening reception, say hi~! :)

Opening Event: Saturday, August 21, 6pm~

Directions to Jay Gallery (taken from website):
Take the subway train line 3 and get off at Anguk station. At Anguk St., find the entrance to the SK-HUB bld., which is between Exit 5 and 6, where you find "Storyway, a convenience store, nearby. Walk up the stairs or the escalator to the stairs top, where you are at the B1 of the SK-HUB Bld., which is called "Art Center". Inside, you see some galleries like Miz or Na. Passing through them southward, you can see an open-air garden outside. Jay Gallery is located there at the open-air garden.

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'Domestic Bliss' group art show + seoul