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Bunny on Vacay

This post isn't about food, so I won't put it under 'Vegan MoFo,' but it is related to veganism, as it's about my best vegan friend, Bunny. I took her to Cheonan with me for Chuseok, and I just want to share some photos of her:

Bunny in her make-shift hut. Peekaboo!

nap time~

"Frankie Says Relax"

You can tell Bunny loves going to my parents' house because whenever she's there, she just looks so happy. She jumps around the house eating my mom's plants, and sprawls out as if she owns the place. Hehe. I think my parents like having her around too. :) Happy family!

Bunny, and more:

Bunny on Vacay + cheonan