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By the end of this year, I will...

It's scary how fast this year is passing me by, so I have made a list of everything I want to accomplish or experience by the end of this year. This was inspired by the '101 things in 1001 days' project, which you can find here. For me, making a list of things to do in 1001 days (2.75 years) just seems annoying because the due date is so arbitrary. So I have decided to make my Day Zero the last day of this year, 2009. I have about 7 months to complete everything. Having a shorter time span makes my goals a little less grand (not like 'get a graduate degree'), but perhaps a little more achievable? Little steps lead to big steps, right?

1. Show my stuff in a gallery
2. Sew/remake three pieces of clothing (3/3)
3. Print a stationery line
4. Complete a seriously big painting
5. Design and print a calendar for 2010
6. Start taking photos for my coffeetable book about animal graffiti (3/10)
7. Open an ETSY store
8. Participate in Illustration Friday (3/5)
9. Make a better art website
10. Draw/paint/doodle every day (days missed: 30/30 FAIL )
11. Sell a piece of artwork

Adventure & Sight Seeing
12. Visit more parks in Seoul (3/3)
13. Watch the sun rise
14. Watch the sun set
15. Go hiking (3/2)
16. Go berry-picking
17. Go to more Museums/art galleries (3/3)
18. See a live music show
19. Attend a sporting event
20. Visit the 63 building
21. Visit the Namsan Seoul tower
22. Go somewhere outside of Korea
23. Go somewhere/do something wearing heels

24. Practice yoga (30/30)
25. Run a mile in under 9 minutes (best time: 08:50)
26. Fix my knee/leg problem
27. Get a physical exam
28. Get a dental check up
29. Improve my posture
30. lose 2kgs
31. Get a pedicure
32. Buy Vitamin B12 supplements
33. Be in bed before midnight (23/30)
34. Get a massage
35. Take daily vitamins (17/30 misses)
36. Floss everyday (14/30 misses)
37. Wear sunblock every day (11/30 misses)

Mind, Spirit, & Soul
38. Read all of my Adbusters magazines
39. Read 5 books (6/5)
40. Fill up my journal of 3 years
41. Mail in a secret to PostSecret
42. Join a small group
43. Feel grass in between my toes
44. Feel sand in between my toes
45. Stay up all night doing something memorable
46. Fail at something and learn from it
47. Figure out what I want to do with my life
48. Watch 5 documentaries (7/5)
49. Watch 5 foreign films (5/5)

Yummy Vegan Food!
50. Try 10 cupcake recipes in VCTOTW (9/10)
51. Try 10 recipes from Veganomicon (11/10)
52. Make more green smoothies (8/10)
53. Have more 'raw food' meals (20/20)
54. Use my juicer (18/30)
55. Have a mini bake sale
56. Take vegan baking classes (4/4)
57. Make my own vegan kimchi
58. Go on a picnic
59. Make my own sangria
60. Try eating or cooking with 10 new foods/ingredients (10/10)
61. try new cafes (15/15)
62. try new restaurants (15/15)
63. Participate in VeganMoFo

Because it’s not just about me
64. Sponsor a child
65. Help sponsor a ‘Vegetarian Food for Thought’ podcast episode
66. Donate hair to ‘Locks of Love’
67. Donate to ‘Save a Bunny’
68. Send some care packages (2/2)
69. Bake something for my landlord’s family
70. Say hello every morning to the office building guard
71. Give some money to every homeless person I see (fail)
72. Help a homeless person in some way, other than giving money
73. Buy someone flowers
74. Donate stuff to 'Beautiful Store'
75. Get someone to watch ‘Earthlings’

For the love of Family
76. Go to Cheonan at least once a month (7/7)
77. Call unni at least once a week (0 missed)
78. Visit relatives in Busan
79. Call halmunee at least once a month (7/7)
80. Do something special for dad’s accomplishment

For the love of Friends
81. Call Lili at least once a month (6/7)
82. Bake with Grace
83. Take Bunny to Cheonan (3/3)
84. Meet another vegan in Korea
85. Have a game night
86. Host a dinner party/Saturday brunch
87. Attend a Seoul Veg Club meetup
88. Hug someone, just cuz
89. Send more snail mail (11/10)

For Mother Nature
90. Recycle my old imac & ipod
91. Recycle my old cellphone
92. Unplug computer every night before bed. (FAIL 11/10 misses)
93. Always take cloth bags when grocery shopping (4/5 misses)
94. Make something out of recycled plastic bags
95. Keep my three cacti alive (1 dead/3)

96. Clean my keyboard (3/3)
97. Buy a mini laptop
98. Delete 'myspace' account
99. Send money to my US bank
100. Get 100 visits in one day, on my blog
101. Write my next 101 list

life, and more:

By the end of this year, I will... + TIME