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Lunar New Year food recap

Here are some eats from my Lunar New Year hols in Cheonan.

차보험용사진 028

Someone gifted us with a purdy box set of Korean traditional snacks. Korea's version of a box of chocolates. Thank goodness it wasn't a box of spam.

차보험용사진 011

Toast for breakfast with fresh fruit, carrots, and avocado!

차보험용사진 015

Avocado is so ridiculously expensive in Korea, these little morsels were indeed precious. I remember back in Ivory Coast, there were several avocado trees around my boarding school compound and we'd climb them and pluck fresh avocados! We'd just slice then open, sprinkle with some salt and pepper and spoon the creamy goodness it into our mouths. Yum.

차보험용사진 005

My mom and I also got busy putting together homemade vegan mandu. Recipe here. Over several meals, the mandu got cooked in various dishes, using all sorts of methods, such as...

차보험용사진 007

steaming... .

차보험용사진 013

... boiling in 두부전골 (type of tofu soup, except the tofu is hidden underneath all the veggies and mandu)...

차보험용사진 029

... fried euuup...

차보험용사진 032

... and last but not least, cooked in a big pot of vegan tteok-guk, which is absolutely essential on Lunar New Years. Mandu tteok-guk all the wayy!

And here are some pics of the banch' lineup, made by either my mom or aunt:

차보험용사진 009

fresh sea vegetable salad

차보험용사진 010

peanut jorim

차보험용사진 030

spinach banchan

차보험용사진 041


차보험용사진 033

sauteed white radish banchan and sea vegetable salad

차보험용사진 034

bean sprout banchan

차보험용사진 035

Finally, to add a little 'western' flair to the holiday, for one meal, we roasted up some veggies including pumpkin, potatoes, onions, red bell peppers, enoki mushrooms, and carrots. Everything got tossed together with olive oil, agave syrup, balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, dijon mustard, dried basil, oregano, parsley, and salt and pepper. The best part about roasting veggies is you can just leave it to cook in the oven while you focus on cooking the other dishes, and in the end, you have an amazingly flavorful, colorful dish. So good~

Aiights. That was a super speedy recap. Hope everyone had a good holiday~~ Ta ta!

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