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Feel. Good

If anyone's interested, here are some things I've been up to lately:


Baking! Thank you to everyone who has ordered and shared goodies with friends and coworkers, I appreciate your support!!. ^^


Random cookie. I bought a set of cookie alphabet stamps at the Bakery Fair, so I tested them out on a naked thin mint cookie (without chocolate coating).


I shopped at Gyahaha (갸하하), one of my fave vintage stores in Hongdae.


Next, I've returned to one of my favorite past times: cafe-exploring in Hongdae. I wish I could chill at a Hongdae cafe every day, but when one Americano costs around 5,000 or more, that's just not gonna happen.


Lilian and I also grabbed dinner at a random Korean restaurant where we asked the ajuma to make vegan dwenjang jjigye- and she did! For me, this is the ultimate comfort food: rice, jjigye, and banchans. I'm so Korean.


Last week, I also met up with Janice who flew in from Cali, and she surprised me with two huge jars of agave syrup and almond butter!! They don't look that big here in the photo, but trust me, they are the large versions. I've been enjoying the almond butter immensely- she know me too well.


Here's a shot of today's breakfast featuring the almond butter. Hot oatmeal with apple chunks, dried jujube slices, almond slices, and a dollop of almond butter.


This was yesterday's lunch: rice noodles sauteed with various veggies, and some vegan hotdog franks that I got at Thien Dang Loving Hut a few days ago.


I also recently visited Boramae park which is walking distance from my house. A smallish park, but clean and peaceful~


Last but not least, whenever I have a chunk of free time, I've been trying to draw or paint. Multi-tasking is not my forte, and with various other things going on these days, it's hard to get myself to sit down and paint for a solid couple hours. Must work on that... .


Here's a commissioned owl painting I did last month. i love painting owls~ heehee


Well, that just about sums up my life these days. Not very eventful or exciting, but it's a content life. :) ta ta for now!~~

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