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'I Love Fall' Care Package!

A couple bake shop announcements and shameless self-promoting today! Thank you for bearing with me as I peddle my goods... ^^

To celebrate this glorious fall weather, I've adding a sampler box to my online bake shop called the 'I love Fall' Care Package (16,000 won). Inside your carefully-packed box, you will receive:


1/2 loaf of banana nut bread
1 cranberry cacao-nib oat bar
2 cookies (ginger and/or chocolate snickerdoodle)
1 slice of zucchini bread
1 slice of pumpkin bread
1 brownie w/ walnuts
4 coconut macaroons
1 original art postcard (design may vary)

This is the best way to taste and sample as many different things as you can without having to order whole batches or loaves. It will also make a great gift for that special person in your life, vegan or not. And if you feel weird about ordering a care package for yourself, drop hints to your folks back home to order a box for you using Paypal, and then act surprised when you get it! :)

Next, for those who want to order items individually, there are two new items on the bake shop menu:


#1. Brownies! Took me long enough to get this on the menu, eh? Dense, cakey yet slightly fudgy at the same time, these walnut-brownies are an indulgent treat for your sweet tooth. Individually packaged for freshness.


#2. Banana Nut Bread. Slightly chewy on the outside, yet soft and moist on the inside.


The natural sweetness from the bananas + the nuttiness of the walnuts = match made in heaven~ :)


Last but not least, I recently got 10 different postcards made, each featuring one of my original paintings and illustrations! :)

- Coffee Dunk
- Bunny says hello
- Trees
- Sprinkles, not salt
- Bird & Balloons
- Do yoga, not drugs
- Drops
- Faces, united
- Bunny misses you
- Owl


Write a note on the back and send these to your friends and family back home, or simply frame them for hanging. You can order them individually from my bake shop site at 1,500 won each, or you can get the complete pack of 10 postcards, 12,000 won for Korean bank electronic transfers or $12.99 for Paypal orders.


And great news for my international readers! I will ship the postcards to anyone and everyone all around the world, so no one is excluded! If you're ordering through my bake shop site, please note that baked items are limited to those in South Korea. This 10-pack is also listed on my Etsy store, but the price is slightly higher to cover the listing fee.


'Sprinkles, not Salt'

Thank you for your interest & support! ^^

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