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Norunsan Market

By now, I think all my readers know that one of my hobbies is grocery shopping. Especially if you followed my Paris trip posts, you will know that I am obsessed with outdoor food markets and health food shops. While the food markets in Korea may not be as glamorous, hipster, or organic-friendly as the ones in Paree, I do enjoy strolling through Korean shi-jangs because they also have their own character and charm.


Ajusshis shouting out their sale prices, dodging bicycles and loitering halmunees, and breathing in weird pungent smells... . it all remind me of older, simpler days. I also feel good about supporting these mom 'n' pop stores, not to mention, I can usually bag a lot more fresh produce at these markets, than at big supermarkets like EMart or Home Plus.


I usually go to a covered market closer to my house at Gunja Station, but the other day, I checked out Norunsan market, which is closer to Kundae University station. It's pretty much just your average Korean shijang ... not too big, but still has everything from food and household items, to clothes and bed sheets.


Loads of fresh veggies... .


... fruit! I think fruit in general is pretty expensive in Korea, but getting it at these outdoor markets (or from a fruit truck) is where you'll find the best deals. Some stores even have slightly misshapen or bruised fruit for a discounted price, which is what I usually get. I don't really need my fruit to be sparkling clean and perfectly-shaped since they're usually just blended into smoothies anyway.


Herbal bark and roots, etc...


Even though it's not all vegan, I absolutely love banchan stores and ogling all the different spicy, salty side dishes!


japchae noodles~~ yum


This photo makes me want to eat bibimbab, with all these banchans mixed in.


Korean bakery muffins... . so purty, but not vegan.


Dried red peppers


Here's my loot. 4 red and 2 green bell peppers (2,000 won), 1 large kabocha squash (3,000 won), 3 peaches (1,000 won), 1 bunch of perilla leaves (2,000 won). Total 8,000 won (less than $8).


To get to Norunsan Market, please refer to this Naver map. It's about a 15-minute walk from Kundae University station.

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