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Adopt one of these loveable puppies from the Asan Shelter!

Today's entry shall be my very first guest post! I would like to introduce everyone to my vegan friend and domestic goddess, Kia! She has been mentioned on this blog a few times (like here, here, here, here, and here), and she was one of the first vegan friends I made in Korea. hehe. Since meeting for the first time a year ago, we have shared many delicous vegan meals, organized two vegan bake sales (with more to come), and she is such a generous, open-hearted person with a huge heart for helping animals. Being the animal-lover that she is, Kia frequently volunteers at the Asan shelter, with Animal Rescue Korea, and would like to send out a call for help with adopting/fostering some shelter dogs. Anyway, I'll let her explain the situation, and we both thank you for your time and interest!

Eleven puppies are in need of urgent care at the Asan animal shelter. While no animal deserves to spend their lives in a shelter, these poor babies are especially vulnerable and need help now if they are to have a chance at life. Several moms and their litters have turned up at the shelter over the past few weeks (spay and neuter -- please!!) and the conditions are much less than desirable for these babies who don't yet have the immunities to fight off disease. The are forced to live outdoors with no one to check in on them for days at a time. Volunteers go on the weekends, but it can be hit or miss for care in between. For now, we are seeking donations to get them the medical attention they desperately need (they need to have health checks to even make sure they are strong enough to handle the vaccines when the time comes) and trying to line up foster homes for them as soon as they are old enough to be away from their moms. Their best chance at survival would be getting them into foster care or permanent, loving homes as soon as possible.

If anyone out there is looking for a life long friend or just wants to provide a temporary, warm, safe, loving home for these little guys, please contact me at kia.veselsky@gmail. You may be saving a life and will acquire a best friend in the process. Or, if you are unable to foster or adopt but want to donate money towards their medical care, you can also contact me at the above address and I'll put you in contact with the right person.

And now for the good part - puppy pictures!! There's Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. They appear to be shihtzu mixes (can't be certain but will be small) and are weaned. They came to the shelter with no mom and I don't really know to much else about them. They are ready for foster homes NOW. They're really sweet little furballs who love to be held and cuddled. Wouldn't you after living on a cold, hard cement floor for weeks?

Then, there's the tiniest puppy and his mom. I'm not sure what happened to the others, but I hope for the best. He still needs to spend some more time with mommy, but would love to come live in your warm home soon!

Next we have Sandie and her five puppies. She's a small Korean mix and the father is unknown, but the puppies will be small. These little guys are wonderful balls of fluff. They still need to stay together for a while longer, but mom and babies will all need homes. Hopefully, we can get Sandie spayed in the process, too!

And last, but not least, we have gray dog and her two puppies. They may be a schnauzer mix? They're not quite weaned yet, either, but will need a warm place to sleep and someone to give them yummy food when mom can't do it anymore. Mom would also love a nice home and family to call her own.

Again, these puppies are in desperate need of foster/forever homes. If you would like to take one home, please go to and fill out the "adoption application." It is the same form for fostering, just skip irrelevant questions about leaving, etc...

If you have any questions please e-mail me at kia.veselsky@gmail and I'll try to answer them or at least get you to someone who can help.
Thanks so much!

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