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Featured in CNN Go!

I meant to post this earlier, but Alien's Day Out got mentioned in a CNN Go article featuring the Best 7 Restaurants for the Seoul Herbivore! The journalist, Hannah Bae, came to the Vegan Bake sale Fundraiser back in May to do a mini interview, so I have a little quote in there too. Quite cool, no?

One thing is that the article states my favorite vegan burger destination to be 'Honest Loving Hut,' and while that was true back in 2010, my current fave is 'Cafe Macro' with their insanely delicious 'Premium Burger'. Just wanna make that clear. ^^ Although, I guess Cafe Macro isn't technically within Seoul... . Man, I'm suddenly craving a juicy burger! darnnit.

Anyway, just wanted to share this awesome article!

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