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Bakersfield bakery & cafe @ Gangnam

Bakersfield is a relatively new bakery in Gangnam that is growing in popularity, particularly among vegans for its selection of healthy cruelty-free breads. I tend to avoid hanging out in Gangnam because of all the crowds, but this bakery-cafe is slightly hidden from all the noisiness, and it's a nice peaceful haven in central Gangnam.


The cafe interior also has a welcoming, pleasant, and calming vibe.


What's awesome is that if you go during the day, you get to see the bakers at work behind the counter.


Here they are making pain au chocolat! So fun to watch.


The lady at the counter understood the word 'vegan' (always a good sign) and was able to point out which breads were suitable. None of their sweet pastries are vegan, but almost all of the loaves in the separate bread cabinet are (except the "Organic Toast" bread in the top left corner). I originally wanted to get one of their sandwich-salad platters, but they all include either meat or cheese. I'm sure you could get their basic sandwich and ask them to omit the cheese, if you don't mind paying the same price for less. They really ought to come up with a tasty vegan sandwich choice...


I got a Wine Cranberry Ciabatta bread (2,800 won).


Soft, chewy, light and airy, with sweet cranberry slices and some walnut pieces for a little bite.


Oh, and what makes Bakersfield particularly vegan-friendly is their soy milk option for drinks. It's not written on their menu, but for an extra 500 won, you can get any latte, dairy-free! Shweeet~~~I got their chai tea latte which was some seriously good chai and it had a nice thick layer of foam on top. Ahhh, it's been a while since I had a frothy latte. It was sweet, but not sickly sweet like Starbucks' chai latte. However, with the additional soy milk charge, my drink came out to a whopping 5,700 won! Yikes. This definitely won't be a regular indulgence.


I also tried two different breads that were sliced up on the counter for sampling: some crispy-crusted baguette and some fig bread. Both really great.


There's also an outdoor patio, a computer for open use, magazines, clean bathrooms... . :)

Directions to Bakersfield:
Gangnam Station, Line 2, Exit 11 (old exit: 7). Walk straight out the exit and turn right into the alley between Paris Baguette and Tour Les Jours. Walk up the hill, about 2 blocks, and Bakersfield will be on your left. (3-5 minutes walk)

서울시 강남구 역삼동 817-18
☎ 02-564-3310
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Bakersfield bakery & cafe @ Gangnam + Vegan