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Stocking the pantry...

Here's my fourth and latest order from iHerb. Every time I go on the site, it seems that there's some awesome new product that I add to my wishlist, and since each order is limited to a total of 6 items, it always takes me forever to decide what to get. This time, my order consisted of some baking essentials (organic extracts, and aluminum-free baking powder), some nutritional yeast to try making vegan sausages, and a huge container of stevia for my coffee and tea. I'm only just finishing up the last container I got a whole year ago! A little of this stuff goes a looong way~


Oh, and this chocolove chocolate bar!! The most exciting and indulgent item of the lot.


This chocolate is the ultimate!!!! It's got a great spiciness to it, and I absolutely love the chewy cherry bits. Must... . savor... . every... bite... ...

Oh, and iHerb recently lowered their shipping costs so that the "International Airmail now starts at $2.00 for the 1st pound (454 grams), with a maximum allowed weight of 4 pounds (instead of 3)." Yay!

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