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A package of vegan awesome
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Look at what came in the mail today! A lovely care package from raw vegan blogger Natalie who I met in January when she was in Korea for a bit. She mentioned that she had sent me something all the way back in February, but then months passed and my mail box remained empty, so then we were beginning to think that it had gotten lost, or had been claimed by the care-package monster. But thank goodness it finally made its way to my doorstep because otherwise, I would've missed out some vegan awesomeness. The contents included a whole bag of Dandies vegan marshmallows, a Twilight bar, a Vega Sport drink packet, and a card. :) I'm already thinking of all kinds of baking experiments I can use the marshmallows in. I actually brought some of them with me when I went to Cali in December, but they were so good that I ended up eating them plain, before I could even bake with them! That will not happen with this bag though. :P

Thanks a ton Natalie! This made my day!

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