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You guys spoil me~! :)

Thank you so much for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I was (and still am) so overwhelmed by all the kind words and the amazing response to the calendar giveaway. There's still penty of time to enter, so if you haven't already, go sign yourself up! The deadline is the end of Sunday, November 21.

I'm in Cheonan right now and am having a fabulous birthday (a few hours left!). Once I get back to Seoul, I'll do a proper birthday post, but right now, let's back-track a lil'.

On Tuesday, I met up with Monika, one of my supercool vegan readers and author of this blog (I love her photography!). She's Polish, but has spent time living in Korea, and is currently living in Finland. She contacted me a while back letting me know that she was planning on re-visiting Korea, and that she wanted some calendars! :) So we finally met up the other day at Harunohee, and it was just awesome to meet her. I feel quite lucky because everyone I've met through this blog has just been super cool peeps. I'm seriously loving meeting fellow vegans and bloggers, and especially hearing about their experiences as a vegan in their neck of the woods.


Anyway, Monika was beyond generous and surprised me with a Finnish goodie-bag! Ahhh! It was like getting an early birthday pressie~ I've never had anything Finnish before, and was just delighted.


From left to right: A bar of vegan white chocolate (oh, that Monika- she know me to well!). The red box in the middle is some kind of Finnish bread/crackers, and then the box on the right is Muumi Mumin (Moomin) cookies. The Moomin characters are from a children's storybook series in Finland, and are apparently quite popular around the world. This was my first time hearing of them though~ :)


I promptly opened the Muumi cookies, which are similar to animal crackers or tea biscuits, only better. I like!

So that was Tuesday. Fast-forward to today, and the box of Muumi cookies is empty. I've also opened up the white chocolate and bread crackers, which are both awesome. I'll post more pics soon, along with a long-ass post about all my delicious birthday eats. :)

Thanks Monika!


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