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Calendar Giveaway Winner!
2011 art calendar

Submissions for the Calendar/Birthday Giveaway has ended, and it's now time to pick a winner!

calendar giveaway winner

Last night I wrote everyone's names out on slips of paper...

calendar giveaway winner

... then I folded and tossed them around in my beanie hat, closed my eyes and picked one out... .

drumroll... ... who's it gonna be... .?

calendar giveaway winner

We have a winner! Vegannifer, come on down~! Congratulations!! Email me your snail mail address: mipalee(at)gmail(dot)com.

2011 art calendar

A huge thank you to everyone who participated. This was fun! I was totally blown away by the amount of interest! Even if you did not win my birthday giveaway, how about hopping over to my Etsy shop and getting one anyway? :) I'll consider it my belated birthday gift. teehee~~ ^^

2011 calendar

Thanks again!

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Calendar Giveaway Winner! + illustrations