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Birthday Celebration Giveaway!

Today I turn 27 years old!! That's in Western-age, for those of you who are wondering. Yea, I don't believe in the Korean age system, which tells me that I'm actually turning 28, and that in another month, I'll gain yet another whole year, so I'll be 29 instead of 27. Nope, I refuse! :)

Wow, 27 seems like such a grown-up age, and yet I still feel like a kid... I'd like to think that I've gotten wiser with age, but I'm not sure that that's the case. Honestly though, I'm happy with my age and I wouldn't choose to be any younger or any older than I actually am. :) So here's to another year of shenanigans! Cheers~

Well, to show my appreciation for all my readers, I'd like to have a giveaway! Up for grabs, is one of my 2011 illustration calendars! Please visit my Etsy shop for more images. Anyone and everyone in the world is invited to take part. Even if you have already purchased one, don't be shy to sign up! If you win, you can give the extra one away for Christmas or something. :)

All you gotta do is comment on this post (please limit to one comment per person) by the end of Sunday, November 21st, South Korea-time, and then I will either do a random number generator thing, or I'll write the names on paper and pick one out of a hat.

Also, please make sure that there is a way for me to reach you, incase you win! If you do not have a blog that I can link back to, please leave some kind of contact-info in the comment, whether it be an email address (like "gmail: mipalee"), or twitter address, etc.

Ok, I'm off to enjoy my day. Good luck! :)

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