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Vegan Muffins at Harunohee Cafe!

Hey readers in the Seoul area!


Minju the owner of Harunohee Cafe has allowed me to sell vegan goodies at her shoppe~ I'm not sure how often this is going to happen, but depending on how well things sell and how much time/resources I have, I plan on baking for this cafe from time to time. I'm not doing this to make moolah (God knows I'm barely making any profit), but any and all support would be awesome! I mainly just want an excuse to bake vegan deliciousness and spread the love.


So that said, today I baked a batch of vegan banana nut chocolate chip muffins!


Here they are, fresh outta the oven.


And here they are packaged up and ready for sale!


Like the signage I made? Yay!


Minju and I just split one of these babies, and they're seriously scrumptious. If you're hankering for a good banana muffin (none of that dry Korean muffin bizness going on here), stop by the cafe sometime in the next day or two... that is, if they last that long- a few have already sold! :)


I'll continue to keep you guys updated on anything I bake for the cafe, and where all of this goes. ta ta~

Directions to Harunohee Cafe:
Gunja Station, Line 5&7, Exit 6. Walk straight for about 5 minutes. The cafe will be on your left.
Children's Grand Park Station, Line 7, Exit 1. Walk straight for about 5 minutes. The cafe will be on your right.
Tel: 02-453-0508
Hours: 11am-11pm

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