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Black Salt at the Foreign Food Mart

I caved and bought myself a bag of black salt powder from the Foreign Food Mart! Black salt (aka 'Kala namak') is popular in Indian cuisine and although its original color in rock form is black, once it's ground into a powder, it looks pinkish-grey. Flavor-wise, it's got a sulfuric taste, which resembles the distinct taste of eggs. Bamboo salt also gives off an 'eggy' flavor, but I've never tried black salt before. It's suggested for several tofu-egg recipes and I've just been so curious about it that I finally decided to shell over the money and get me a pack.


At 12,000 won, the thing is pricey, but you do get a whopping 1kg bag. This supply is gonna last me forever and a day. The folk over at the FFM ought to divide the bag into smaller packets because who needs that much black salt in one go?


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So many things to try!!

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Black Salt at the Foreign Food Mart + vegan product