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My 5k at Energizer Night Race 2010

This past Saturday was the Energizer Night Race. Unfortunately, I was a total spaz and forgot to pack my camera! So I couldn't take any photos of the race or the venue. As a result, the photos you see here have been "borrowed" from some other online news articles.


I was pretty optimistic about the race until the weather decided to take a turn for the worse by spitting down cold rain. Well, to put it nicely, the weather was miserable. The organizers were handing out thin plastic-bag ponchos for people to stay somewhat dry. I had one on, but once I started running, I couldn't stand the plastic flapping in the wind so I took it off. Ack! Chuu-wah!! And on top of that, the first half of the 5k was almost all uphill. It was tough pumping my way up the incline, but I was determined to run the whole thing, so I pushed myself the whole way up and didn't stop. And then came the sweet reward: the downhill! The rest of the race just flew by, as I pretty much just let gravity carry me back down. So while I may have been slower on the uphill, I definitely made up for it in the second half, by forcing my short legs to turnover as fast as they could. hehe.


Well, in the end, despite the unfortunate conditions, I'm happy to say that I finished strong and earned myself a new PR of 27:07! :) That's about 2 minutes off my previous (and first ever) 5k time! I'm not sure how the unexpected terrain actually affected my time though... I wonder if I would've been faster or slower on a flat surface. Either way, I'm just happy that I finished strong, and that I was able to endure the cold rain. My socks and sneaks were completely soaked cuz I accidentally ran through a giant puddle (yes, even though I was wearing my headlamp to light my way, hehe). I'm sure I looked like a drowned rat by the end of it and my hands were numb from the cold, but I felt awesome and alive!

We also got a goodie bag after the race, which included a finisher's medal and some snackies: a carton of dairy milk and some sort of non-vegan bread. Not so vegan-friendly. There was also a can of black coffee which was probably vegan, but I just took my medal out and handed the rest back. I had brought my own snacks along anyway~

So that was a quick recap of my second official race! I wanted to try a 10k this year, but I don't think that will happen... it will just have to wait til next year. In the meantime, I plan on investing in some winter running gear so that I can continue to run and stay fit. :)

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