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Cherry Blossoms, Art, & the Flea Market

I had a really great week~ The weather wasn't exactly ideal (kinda dreary), but I still made the most of it, going to different coffee shops, strolling through the park, seeing art, and eating good vegan food! Here are just a few things I did outside of work.

On Tuesday, I took a leisurely stroll through Children's Grand Park. In the past, I avoided this park like the plague because there's a horrible zoo there and it stresses me out to see elephants and other animals locked up in tiny spaces (goodness, imagine how stressed out the animals must be... ). However, since it is the closest park to where I live, I decided to just avoid the zoo area and enjoy the grassy lawn and trees. The annual cherry blossoms were in full bloom this week, so I had to document them before they blew away.

The water-fountain show. It's much cooler at night...

Then on Thursday, I checked out the Seoul Open Art Fair at COEX with Abigail. This was pretty much an entire conference room filled with art gallery booths, showcasing what seemed like hundreds of artists.

As soon as we walked in, we were just overwhelmed with the amount of art everywhere, and not necessarily in a good way. There was an equal amount of the good, bad, and ugly art. When there's that much art in one space, each piece just becomes less special and everything starts to look the same. While I'm all for bringing art to the masses, I think jamming them all into one venue, cheapens each piece and the artist too... Anyway, I'm still glad I went to check it out. I did see some interesting, cool pieces.

This week, I also spent an afternoon around Ttukseom Resort, where I browsed through the 'Beautiful Store Flea Market' that opens every Saturday. I didn't buy anything, but I had lots of fun looking at other people's vintage junk treasure.

It was a great week! And this post doesn't include the two new coffee shops I "discovered" and an amazing picnic my friends and I enjoyed. Don't worry, I shall blog about those soon enough. I'm expecting next week to be rather crazy-busy, but hopefully just as good. To name a few of the things planned, I'll be sitting in on a demo baking class at Le Cordon Bleu, Seoul, packing for my trip to the Philippines (Manilla & Boracay), and taking Bunny to Cheonan where she will stay while I'm gone on vacation. Well, better get an early night's rest, so that I can be refreshed to start a new week. Nite nite!

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