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Dried Persimmons

Remember my post all about how much I love fresh and frozen persimmons? Well, just to reiterate how much I love this fruit, let's take it a step further and talk about the deliciousness of dried persimmons.

I don't eat them often because they are pretty expensive, but when I do, I'm transported to my happy place. I love the chewy, gooeyness of them, and their sweetness too. It's difficult to restrain myself from eating a whole carton of them.

This one is the half-dried kind, so it's pretty mushy on the inside. Some places dry them so that they're almost fully dried out, while others leave the insides still gooey. I like both. :)

Just a tip, wherever you buy them, just look them over and make sure that they look pretty clean, especially if you're buy them at your local outdoor market. Their drying methods may leave them with bits of dust. These are so good though, a little dirt can be overlooked. :) Talk about nature's candy!! YUM.

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