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The Loving Hut @ Sinchon

So I finally got to check out the Loving Hut at Sinchon. This place is awesome! Everything is completely vegan and the prices are super cheap. It's the cheapest restaurant I've found in Korea! I don't think anything on the menu is more than 4500won, the average being 2500- 3000 won. Portion size might be a little smaller than what you're used to, but I kind of like that because then you can try two different things without breaking the bank. And since I was starving, that's exactly what I did!

I ordered the Loving Hut Burger (2500 won), and the Sweet & Sour Vegetables (3500 won). The burger was surprisingly really good. It was cooled since they pre-make them, and it had a little too much honey mustard which made parts of the bun a bit soggy, but it was still really tasty. The burger pattie had a great texture which reminded me of 'corned beef.' Yum.

The Sweet & Sour Vegetables dish was okay, but nothing to rave about. Taste-wise, it was good, but it didn't have much substance. It was mostly just tiny strips of mushrooms and seitan bits fried in batter. Two dishes actually ended up being too much for me as I couldn't even finish half of the Sweet & Sour Vegetables. Oh, they do take out too, if you're interested.

I was actually surprised to see how busy this place got during dinner time. It was packed with mostly young people, probably because the prices are cheap, not because the food is vegan. :) They also serve drinks, ranging from the average cafe latte or ice tea, to the fancier sweet pumpkin soy milk latte. Must try that next time. As a graphic design major, it has to be said that their logo and font choice are eyesores, but I guess I can overlook that since they have good vegan eats. Believe me, I will be going back here again.

Sinchon Station, Line 2, Exit 2. Walk straight about 3 or 4 blocks. Pass Starbucks and you will see 'Loving Hut' on your left.

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