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Swine Flu & Swine-free Food

So it looks like the Swine Flu is getting more serious. Amidst all the terrible news about people getting sick and dying, I just love how the government and the pig farming industry are constantly reminding people that it's still okay to eat pork- even when it was the horrifically filthy factory farming conditions that lead to this disease in the first place. Why should consumers continue to put money into their pockets? I was watching a news report today, and this is what the reporter said:
"The government wants to change the name of this from 'Swine Flu' to 'H1N1 virus.' They underscore that eating pork cannot, CANNOT cause you to contract this disease." (emphasis made by reporter)

*roll my eyes* Such an obvious attempt to protect the pork industry! It just goes to show how they both have eachother's backs.

Anyway. Here are some photos of delicious pork-free food that I've been eating lately. haha :) I made a blueberry strawberry banana smoothie, some homemade salsa, and then some wheat pancakes. Not all at the same time.

My salsa is a work in progress. haha. This was my first time making my own salsa, and I didn't have real tomatoes with me, so I used cherry tomatoes. I think that kind of affected the taste. Also, no cilantro or lime... But it was still pretty good.

These wheat pancakes are made from the 'Aunt Jemima' boxed pancake mix that I brought back with me from the US. I think I should try to finish it soon. The instructions on the box tell you to mix it with dairymilk and eggs, but I refuse to obey! So I used soymilk and flaxseeds instead.

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