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Good Mornings

This week I woke up abnormally early, twice, just to cook or bake something before work! First, I woke up early to bake some 'Banana Berry Coconut muffins.' They turned out okay. There were just so many different ingredients in the recipe, that the muffins kind of tasted like they had a personality disorder. "Do I want to be a banana muffin? Or an oat/cinnamon/coconut/raisin muffin? I'm so confused, what am I?!" Also, the Korean oats I used might've been a little old, cuz they had a certain taste that didn't seem right. Let's hope I didn't poison myself or anyone else... But regardless, they still made for satisfying breakfasts and snacks. Sorry, no photos! :(

The second time I woke up early was to attempt my very first vegan tofu quiche. Actually, my very first quiche, vegan or not! I prepared the crust before I went to bed and put it in the freezer. Most crust recipes call for vegan butter or shortening. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find that in Korea, so I've only done oil-based crusts so far. This time, I used a recipe from I halved the measurements, and used mostly whole wheat bread flour... . I know you shouldn't use bread flour for crusts, but what the hey, I was experimenting. Next time I won't use that though, because the crust turned out pretty dense; not flaky at all.

So when I woke up in the morning, I made the quiche filling using this recipe. I actually didn't have a lot of the ingredients on me, like zucchini, mushroom, sherry, garlic cloves, or fresh basil, so I just added some red bell peppers, dried parsley, and garlic powder. I also sprinkled some nutritional yeast on top, just to see what would happen. teehee~ (BTW, I don't think you can find nooch in Korea... I got mine through my cousin who brought some for me from the US.)

Making quiche is pretty time and labor intensive, but in the end, completely worth it. I honestly can't remember the last time I had quiche or what normal ones really taste like, so it's hard to judge how 'quichey' mine turned out. But for my first attempt, I think it came out pretty yummy! I'll definitely be making many more of these babies in the future.

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