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Vegan Ramyun
vegan ramyun

I can't remember the last time I had ramyun. It's been a while, and there have been days when I wanted something junky, salty-spicy, noodly, and quick. But knowing that most ramyuns in Korea have some kind of fish or beef seasoning, I've kept it out of my pantry. That is, until... yesterday! At the veg buffet, I saw that they sell some vegan ramyuns! So ofcourse, I had to buy one.

It was pretty darn good! It tasted exactly like any other packaged ramyun (as far as I can remember), minus the cruelty ofcourse, and it fully satisfied my junkfood craving. :) Why on earth would anyone buy regular ramyun that causes harm to sentient creatures, when you can get a cruelty-free version of the exact same thing? Just another example of how we can make better, more ethical food choices!

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