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Oh-Sae-Gae-Hyang Buffet

Yesterday Chris and I made our second pilgrimage to 'Oh-Sae-Gae-Hyang' vegetarian buffet at Achasan Station (This buffet is a branch of the 'Vegetarian Restaurant' in Insadong). We are on a quest to hit up every veg buffet in Seoul. :) I don't go to veg-specific restaurants often, but when I do, it's so much fun. I love being able to eat whatever I want! I don't have to ask the waiter to take out the egg or fisheggs from the bibimbab, etc. And this time I specifically asked a waitress there whether they put dairy/eggs in their dishes and desserts, and she said no! Oh the joys!

The food here is really good! They have several wheat meat dishes, and a yummy 'kong-ggasu' which is 'dong-ggasu' that uses beans instead of pork. They have a salad bar, soups, bread, kimbabs, Korean dishes, spaghetti, dumplings, tempura, fruit bar, and dessert.

And even better, we went to pay and found that they are having a special deal this month, where it's only 9,900won per person! (usually it's 15,000 for dinner during the week). Which explained why it was so much busier this time than the last time we went. So if you want to check this place out, go before March is up!

The ONLY thing that kind of creeps me out about this place is the weird propaganda TV monitors... I looked up the site for their TV programming, and it seems like everything is informational and well-intentioned, and I do think a lot of people would benefit from listening to it. It's just that the style of it all makes you feel that you've been transported to a previous century. Anyway, I'm still doing research on this foundation and the spiritual teacher behind it all, so we'll see whether I learn anything that affects my support for this restaurant.

All in all, good times, yummy food!

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