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Birthday Cupcakes

Friday night was the birthday party of Max and Mark, so I decided to share some vegan cupcake love. With decoration this time. :) I made the basic vanilla and chocolate recipes from VCTOTW, and topped them with chocolate ganache (first try!) and sprinkles. They turned out really cute. Then I took some technicolor photos:

I think everyone liked them! Some were even curious as to how they could possibly be vegan. :) Although I did enjoy the vanilla ones, I definitely preferred the chocolate versions. What can I say, I guess I'm just not a very 'Vanilla'... .

Oh, and I found this awesome Korean website where I can order baking products/ingredients! If you're ever looking for baking stuff, you should check out this site. And if you can't find it there, good luck finding it in Korea at all. I actually visited their store location in Dongdaemun last week too, but it was a pretty small and cramped store... I think I would rather just order things online whenever I have a big-enough shopping list.

On Saturday, my sister and I went to the Seoul Art Center to finally see the Gustav Klimt show. He's always been one of my fave artists. I mean, how can you possibly deny an artist who uses color, patterns, and gold the way he does? I even remember my drawing II professor in college always rambling about Klimt's color technique. Overall, the show was okay... I was a bit disappointed because they didn't have many of his more popular works. There were mainly just a lot of sketches, a couple awesome stand-out paintings, a bunch of poster designs, and then some works from his contemporaries. It was also a bad idea to go on Saturday, because it seemed that all of Seoul was there. Long lines, and ridiculous crowds surrounding certain paintings... sigh, Koreans and their flock mentality... . Next time, I will only go to a show like that on a weekday. But all in all, it was cool to experience his work in person. Such detail!

PS. Finished 'The World Peace Diet' last week. Loved every bit of it.