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Tea ceremony
Tea ceremony

Now that it's April and we've transitioned into Spring, that can only mean one thing: Worldwide Vegan Bakesale! Vegans all around the globe from Argentina to Uganda are participating in this event and ofcourse Korea has to be represented! Kia and I have teamed up once again and this time, we've called upon several other vegan friends and bakers to throw our second fundraiser (check our first one here).


This time, the bakesale will benefit both the human and animal victims of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan. Even though the disaster happened over a month ago, people are still suffering, animals are still being rescued, and there's still a lot of relief work to be done before things can get back to normal.

We shall be sending the donations to Mercy Corps and Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue & Support (JEARS), which is a "collaboration of three established and registered no kill animal rescue NPOs in Japan." They have been doing some awesome work rescuing abandoned and injured animals. You can find their updates on their Facebook page here.

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