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Accidentally Vegan: Packaged Sweet Pumpkin Juk (Hetbahn)

For this week's Accidentally Vegan product, I've chosen Hetbahn's ready-made Sweet Pumpkin Porridge. Hetbahn is most well-known for their instant rice, but they have plenty of other instant meals available like soups, curies, and porridge (although not vegan). This product, as well as many other brands of packaged pumpkin or red bean juk are actually vegan and they're very easy to find at most local supermarkets and convenience stores, and even Daiso.


It's packaged so that you just have to microwave it for a minute, but I don't own a microwave so I just transferred it to a pot and heated it over a stove. I know it may seem like I'm in a 'juk' (porridge) phase because my last post was also about juk, but I swear it's not intentional. Overall, this made for a pretty good snack. I would've preferred it to be smoother, without the visible bits of bloated rice, and some more red beans would've been good too, but maybe I'm expecting too much of a packaged juk.


The ingredients list does not include any animal products, but it does have some unnatural ingredients/flavorings. Also, you might see the characters for crab, eggs, soy, wheat, milk, tomatoes, and pork on the label, but that's just saying that this product has been made in a facility (or with equipment) that also processes those things. But they are not actually in the ingredients list. Someday I'm gonna have to do a post solely on Korean nutrition labels and break it down for y'all (not that I'm a pro or anything... ). :)

Have a good weekend!

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Accidentally Vegan: Packaged Sweet Pumpkin Juk (Hetbahn) + vegan product