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Accidentally Vegan: 7-11 Tteokbokki Snack

One of the top requests on the ADO survey at the end of last year was to post more Korean vegan packaged foods, so I'm gonna start reviewing various easy-to-find products that just happen to be vegan. I shall call this the 'Accidentally Vegan' series, and hopefully I'll have something every week. There are actually quite a number of snacks that a vegan can grab on the go- you just gotta keep your eyes open!


So this week's Accidentally Vegan item comes from the king of convenience stores, Seven-Eleven. They apparently have a line of '7-Snacks,' most of which are not vegan, but there's one surprising vegan selection... . their Tteokbokki Snacks! Ooooh yeaaa. As if there weren't enough stalls selling tteokbokki on every street corner, they had to make a packageable, crunchy snack version.


Free of animal ingredients, but not free of artificial flavorings (aka MSG!). Eat at your own risk.


And how do they taste? Meh... they were aiight. They have a hard sugary coating that makes them taste more sweet than spicy. A bit of a let down when you want to satisfy the hot gochujang craving. But if you want something crunchy, these definitely delivery in the crunch-department. And even though I was disappointed with the first few bites, I'll admit that it was hard to stop eating them because of the satisfying crunchiness... :P

Anyhoo~ I don't know if anyone will actually go out and buy these tteokbokki snacks that aren't healthy or even very tasty, but if you're curious and want to try a wacky Korean snack that just happens to be vegan, give 'em a go. ^^

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Accidentally Vegan: 7-11 Tteokbokki Snack + vegan product