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Goodbye 2011~

Happy New Year~ Hope everyone has transitioned into 2012 with peace, joy, and hope in your heart for the upcoming year! I actually went to Jubilee church's midnight service for the countdown, but earlier during the day, I hung out at a coffee shop by Gwanghwamun and walked by the chungaechun stream for a bit. Too cold to walk outside for long!


Making wishes for 2012.


This made me sad.


Seriously? Horse-drawn carriages in Seoul? Doesn't make any sense and it's not cool. Watch the documentary 'Blinders' to learn more.


Anyway, later in the evening, I went ice skating with some friends at city hall's outdoor plaza~ The ice was quite rough and bumpy with so much use, but thankfully I didn't fall on my butt!


Hyun skates and takes phone calls at the same time. :)


Hyun and her friends visiting from Hong Kong. :)


We only skated for about 45 minutes, before they closed off the rink to clean up the ice. I don't think I could've skated for too much longer anyway cuz my toes were getting cold! hehe. Anyhooz, I had a great New Year's Eve, and I really couldn't have asked for a better way to close out the year. Goodbye 2011... . it's been real.

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Goodbye 2011~ + seoul