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Polls open for my 'Best of 2011' Survey!

There's only a few more weeks before 2011 comes to an end, and you know what that means? The Alien's Day Out 'Best of 2011' Awards! For those of us in Korea, let's take some time to look back on a glorious year of vegan living in the land of morning calm.


Last year, I compiled and shared my personal 'Best of 2010' list, but this time, I'm opening it up for the public to decide.

We've all enjoyed some delicious cruelty-free meals, explored new parts of Seoul, and discovered new online resources and delivery services to make vegan-living in Korea easier than before. So what better time than now to highlight those that were most memorable! This is your chance to voice your opinion and vote for your favorite veg-friendly restaurant, neighborhood, or grocery store. Who knows, maybe this survey will encourage more meat-centered establishments to provide vegan options in the future~

The polls will be open until Wednesday Dec 28th (less than 2 weeks), after which the results will be posted here on the blog. So what are you waiting for? Vote away! :)

Side notes: After much thought, I decided to limit the list of restaurants/cafes to those in Seoul. I understand that there are numerous vegan eateries outside of the capital city, but since Alien's Day Out is primarily a Seoul-focused blog, we'll start here. Perhaps next year, we'll open it up a bit more. :) Last but not least, there are several veg-friendly establishments I really wanted to include, but sadly, they have closed their doors. Macro Cafe, Muffinio Cafe, and Honest Loving Hut, to name a few. I'm still mourning the loss of Macro and their veggie burger... . sigh.

POLLS OPEN NOW. VOTE HERE! 1 submission per computer.

Best of 2011, random, and more:

Polls open for my 'Best of 2011' Survey! + survey