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Happy reunions

There are a bunch of people visiting Korea on their summer holidays and I've been trying to meet up with them when I can. This week, I got to hang out with Jenna my college friend (on the far left), and her two sisters- they're triplets! We just went to Gangnam and got coffee at the Tous Les Jours bakery cafe there. It was such a happy reunion!


And then yesterday, I had a wonderful Saturday brunch with two dear friends, Yunseo & Hyun at Garosugil. We didn't have any set restaurant in mind but after walking around a bit and checking out different restaurants and their menus, we ended up at Cork for Turtle, the pasta restaurant/wine bar above it's partner coffee shop Mug for Rabbit. All of their pasta dishes had meat, but they had a light tofu salad that was totally vegan.


This platter was humongous and loaded with piles of microgreens, silken tofu, and sliced crunchy almonds.


The salad was dressed with a little bit of soy sauce and lots of black sesame seed dressing which was deliciously nutty~


Yunseo ordered some biscotti from me, and she snapped a photo of her packages (and her blackberry, hehe).


I also had another mini reunion with a childhood friend from my Ivory Coast boarding school, who has now moved to Korea with her hubby! It was sooo awesome to see her again, and since it was her birthday this past week, I gave her some chocolate-orange biscotti and a mini carrot cake. :) I love feeding omnis vegan baked goods and showing them that cruelty-free goodies aren't tasteless.


Oh, and here's some carrot bread I made earlier this week for breakfast. I love carrot cake, but sometimes it's too rich for me with all that dark brown sugar and cream cheese frosting, so I made this slightly healthier version that isn't overly sweet. :)


In my opinion, lots of raisins and walnuts are mandatory in carrot bread.


I imagine that if Bunny wasn't a raw foodie, she'd dig this one.

Well, that's about it for today. The carrot bread and chocolate-orange biscotti are both available on the bake shop, and the thin mints and coconut macaroons are back on too! :)

Have a great Sunday!

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Happy reunions + Vegan