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Doing my happy dance!

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I just finished my very last essay at my job, and now I am FREEEEEEEEE!!!!! WOOOOWWW!!! It's been four looooong years at my hakwon and I can't believe I'm done with it. Even though technically, I still have 2 more weeks til my contract ends, I'll be spending those last two weeks on vacation in Paris, so they don't count. :)

Ahhh~ I am so overwhelmed with happy emotions right now, I could cry. hehe. Even though I'm jobless now, I feel so much peace and excitement over what the future might bring. I think it will take a while for everything to sink in, but I'm gonna enjoy this present moment and ride this wave of joy and freedom. *happy dance*

That's all for now... I just had to share this news on my blog. :)

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Doing my happy dance! + random