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Sugar Sandwich Cookies
Vegan Thin Mints

I've been baking quite a bit of Thin Mint cookies lately, for the orders that have been coming in from my makeshift 'bake shop.' :) By the way, thank you to everyone who has placed orders and supported this blog and my baking endeavors! I'm truly grateful for all the positive responses. Oh, and I recently added Korean won prices on the page too, so that should make it easier for those who want to do wire transfers. Anyway, since I've been making lots of thin mints, I haven't had as much time to experiment with other recipes, but yesterday I got around to making something different:

sandwich cookies

Sugar sandwich cookies! I used the 'Minono' recipe from VCIYCJ as reference, but adapted it by adding about 2 Tbs extra cookie flour, and chilling the dough for an hour before rolling it out and making cut-out cookies, rather than just shaping them by hand.

sandwich cookies

They tasted good but I think I overbaked them because they were a bit too crunchy. They did look pretty though. The hardest part was trying not to get dark chocolate smudges all over the white cookies. Melted chocolate can get so messy! But in a good way~ haha.

sandwich cookies

On an unrelated note, make sure you take your umbrella out with you today! It's drizzling outside and news reports say that the rain might be laced with some radiation, so you don't want to let the rain touch your skin! It's probably much ado about nothing, but I'd rather not risk it... . I'd like my future children to have 10 fingers and toes, thank you.

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Sugar Sandwich Cookies + Vegan