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Chocolate-covered mango strips

Today the sun was out and shining, so I decided to break from my routine of running at my gym and head outdoors! My first outdoor run of the year. It felt amazing and invigorating to breathe fresh air while running, since I've pretty much just stuck to the treadmill all winter long~ I went for about 10k. I had planned to go longer, but it was a little colder and windier than I had anticipated and my hands were turning numb, so I turned around early~ hehe. I should invest in some thermal running gloves... But even still, I'm really excited that it's slowly starting to warm up outside.

chocolate covered dried mangoes

Anyway, when I got back, I savored some chocolate-covered dried mangoes! The reward for my cold run. :P Not the most nutritious post-run snack, but delicious none-the-less.

chocolate covered dried mangoes

My friend Sylvia recently gifted me with this package of dried mangoes that she bought at Costco. Instead of eating them all plain, I decided to dunk them in some melted dark chocolate. Mangoes and chocolate are two of my favorite foods, so it just made sense to put them together.

chocolate covered dried mangoes

Mmm... so good!

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Chocolate-covered mango strips + Vegan