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Orga rice snacks
Lotte Dept Store Vegan Products

My sister and I browsing around the Lotte Department Store the other day, with a case of the munchies, so we grabbed a pack of Orga sweet potato puffed rice cakes (2,000 won).

Lotte Dept Store Vegan Products

I'm not that into puffed rice cakes, but just wanted to try something different in the snack department. Hm... they were aiight. I couldn't taste any sweet potato though.

Lotte Dept Store Vegan Products

While these didn't convert me into a puffed rice-lover, I will admit that they were kinda addicting because they were so airy and light! I felt like I wasn't eating anything, so my hand just kept reaching for more... til the bag was empty.

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Orga rice snacks + vegan product