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Nooch Giveaway! Deadline: March 21

Attention readers in Korea! I'm having my very first blog giveaway~! A package of Rob's Red Mill Nutritional Yeast Flakes that is all the way from the US. Nutritional Yeast simply does not exist in Korea, so if you miss nooch, or are in need of some B12, don't let this opportunity pass you by. All you have to do is comment on this blog post by the deadline, Sunday March 21st, and I will do a random number generator thingy. The comment that corresponds with that number will be the lucky winner. Anyone currently residing in Korea is eligible- I will post it to you!

Oh, and to make this giveaway even sweeter, you'll get three different vegan dark chocolate bars.

Go on, sign yourself up!

**PS. To answer Danielle's question about why I'm doing this giveaway: Sure, increased readership would be nice, but I mainly just want to share the love... and plus, it's just fun! :) I have three packages of nooch, and I'm just not going through them as fast as I thought I would. I just don't use it much in cooking... . Oh, and Sunday was 'White Day' here, which is just another excuse to indulge in chocolate~ ^^ I bought some for myself and thought I'd include a few in the giveaway. I've never done a giveaway on here before, and I think it's something different to try out. I'm not making any profit from increased blog traffic (no ads), so that's not the purpose of this giveaway- even though I am very thankful for all my readers! :)

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Nooch Giveaway! Deadline: March 21 + vegan product