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Pier Avenue: American-Japanese Fusion Restaurant

This past week, I was in the Chungdahm area with some coworkers and we ended up at Pier Avenue, an American-Japanese fusion restaurant, for lunch. After looking through their fairly extensive menu of rolls, noodles, and rice dishes, I found only two vegan options: soba noodles, and vegetable tempura... . uh, laaame! Yea, it was pretty sad. I mean, they could at least have ONE vegan roll on their menu, no? I wasn't in the mood for noodles or a plate of fried batter, so I thought I would be brave and ask them to create a vegan roll for me. I basically asked for their California roll, only with sweet potato instead of the crab meat- and they made it! It was delicious too. They should add it to their menu and call it 'Mipa's Vegan Roll.' Check it out:

'Mipa's Vegan Roll': avocado, sweet potato tempura, and cucumbers.

This plate was 4,900 won. Not bad, eh? It was a good deal, and my food turned out delicious. They seriously need to add more vegan options though.

Directions: Chungdahm Station, Line 7, Exit #12. Veer Left at Sizzler, then turn left again. Walk about one block. Pier Avenue will be on your right. Just don't get side-tracked and end up at Sizzler! Ew. Click for map.

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Pier Avenue: American-Japanese Fusion Restaurant + seoul