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Itaewon Foreign Food Mart & Neal's Yard Cafe

Made a visit to Itaewon this week to stock up on chickpeas. I always get my chickpeas at the Foreign Food Mart on 'Hooker Hill' because I can get it dried and in bulk (4000won for one bag), rather than buying individual cans, which are expensive in Korea. While I was there, I also bought a bag of lentils (4000won) and a packet of poppy seeds (3000won?). Other things that I go there for are tortilla wraps, tahini, and Indian spices.

Itaewon Station, Exit 3. Walk straight and turn right after Dunkin Donuts and Mr. Kebab. Walk up the hill and you will see it on your left. (If you walk a little further up, there is 'What the Book' where you can buy new and used English books, as well as magazines.)

Next, I went to chill at Neal's Yard Cafe. Apparently, they usually have soymilk available, but when I went, they had run out! Boo~~ So I got a Peach Ice Tea. Next time I'm gonna try their Soy Chai Latte. (*update: went there again and this time, the waiter said they only have milk. What the heck?!) If it's good weather, it's nice to sit by the open windows, overlooking the main street. They also have wireless internet.

Itaewon Station, Exit 1. Walk straight until you see a Samsonite Store on your right. Neal's Yard is right above it.

I should really go to Itaewon more often because there are a lot of good foreign restaurants that I want to try, and it's always a surreal feeling when you realize that you are surrounded by more foreigners than Koreans.

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Itaewon Foreign Food Mart & Neal's Yard Cafe + vegan product