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Strawberries, Sleepovers, & Sticky Fingers

Last weekend, my sister moved out of her old apartment, and into mine, cuz she's planning on going back to the US in about a week. So I've been cooking for two lately. :) She's not a vegan, but she's open-minded about it, and she doesn't mind only eating veggies at my house (as if she had any other choice, haha). I've also been doing more grocery shopping now that she's here. Last week, I went to the market and bought 4 packs of strawberries for 5000 won! Soooo cheap. They weren't all pretty, but that's a non-issue for me cuz I just plan on blending them up in smoothies. I washed them and put them in the freezer, cuz I plan on eating strawberry smoothies all summer long. :) I'd never seen so many strawberries before in my life. Maybe it's cuz I never got strawberries as a kid (they don't exist in Ghana), so I'm making up for it in my adulthood. The following picture doesn't even include all the strawberries I bought!

Anyway, last weekend, my sister and I had a mini sleepover with Sylvia (my sister's highschool friend). In the morning, I made pancakes with blueberries and agave syrup on top, and strawberry banana smoothies. The pancakes look black cuz the blueberries bled into them.

We were actually planning to go to the dduk (Korean rice cake) expo, but Stupid Me somehow got the wrong directions to the venue and we ended up watching a movie at COEX instead. bah. I was bummed cuz the thought of pretty, colorful rice cakes on display had gotten me all excited. I'm such a babo!

Anyway, while we were at COEX, we went to the Hyundai Department store, and I bought a cinnamon roll at the Sticky Fingers booth. I've been here several times and each time, the booth has been moved from one corner of the store to another. So you might have to walk around a bit to find it, but it's always there, somewhere.

I've never been to the Sticky Fingers in Washington D.C, so I can't compare the Korean ones to it's original counterpart. Although I'm really thankful that there is a vegan bakery in Korea at all, I don't really find anything particularly 'sticky' about their baked goods. They're definitely more... crunchy? clean? I mean, their cinnamon rolls aren't the type that cover your fingers and lips with gooey sugar icing when you eat them (aka, Cinnabon). And there ain't no sinful-looking chocolate cake, like they show on the US website. Also, I think their products are a little pricey - probably because everything is organic, so they only have spots in posh department stores in Seoul. *sigh* Yea, yea, I complain a lot. I wish someone in Korea would start another vegan bakery that is less snooty and that is priced for common folk, like moi. Get some competition going, you know? Hm... maybe that 'someone' should be ME. Anyone want to invest in my vegan bakery?

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Strawberries, Sleepovers, & Sticky Fingers + Sticky Fingers Bakery