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Yippeee! Guess what I gone and done...

I have finally joined the rest of modern civilization and got myself a smart phone. Yes ah diiid! (*byoink*!) Until yesterday, I was one of the last people I know who was still using an old school 'dumb' phone. Even my tech-illiterate parents got smart phones before me. The main reason I resisted for so long was because the monthly bill is just so expensive. Oh well... it's worth it. :)


Aw, ish sho puurrdyyy~~ and it looks so nice next to my ipod and imac. :) I'm still really awkward with using it though. I don't even know how to hold the thing properly without accidentally touching wrong buttons and getting lost. But I can already tell I'm gonna be addicted to all the apps... . teeheehee.


Anyhoo~ moving onto some random eats. Here's today's lunch. A cob of steamed corn that I bought at my local market, sauteed veggies, smoky tempeh strips, and fresh carrot rounds.


I used to dislike Korean corn because it's so starchy compared to sweet yellow corn. But now I think it's delicious. I love the texture and I reckon it's a great source of carbs and fiber.


One-pot noodle and veggie curry with silken tofu. The reason I don't post many recipes for actual main dishes is because all my normal meals look pretty much like the above... everything but the kitchen sink cooked together. And sometimes (read: most of the time) I can't even be bothered to plate it up and just eat it straight outta the pot. ^__^


Here's something a little more appetizing to look at. Last week I had dinner with a friend at Wang Thai. I got the vegan pad thai 10,000 won. So filling and scrumptious.

sweater brigade

And in closing, here's a random sketch!

Ok... I'm gonna go play with my iphone now. Tata~

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