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Jumeok-bap! Fist Rice Snack, in yo' face!

Last week, I was meeting some people at Apgujeong station and was sooo hungry I had to grab a snack at the Hyundai dept store there. I found some jumeok-bap rice balls (주먹밥 = "fist rice") by the food court area. Actually, these aren't exactly 'balls.' They're more like hockey pucks. Luckily they had a vegan version: Dried radish greens with Doenjang Rice Balls for 2,300 won each (on the left).


It seems like these rice ball snacks are trending right now and little shops are popping up all over, but unfortunately, it's actually rare to find a vegan one.


Pretty tasty. A good carby snack to grab on the go. Just make sure you don't have gim stuck in your teeth when you're done. :D

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