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Coming out of hibernation

Wow, the weather is sooo warm this weekend! It was pretty cold a few days ago and then all of a sudden, it got so nice out.


The other day, with the smell of spring in the air, I laced up and went for my first outdoor run in a loooooong time. I hate being cold so I can never bring myself to run outside in the winter, so I've been resorting to my gym treadmill. In general, I don't have any problem with treadmills, but lately, I've gotten to the point where I really feel like a caged hamster on a wheel. Time to break out of the rutt! It was still pretty cold last week but I wanted to try out the iMapMyRUN app on my new iphone. haha. It's definitely motivation to get my butt moving because now I can know exactly how far and fast/slow I'm going. Boramae park is near my area so I ran around there and back home~ It looks pretty stark and bare, but I can't wait for things to turn green again.

My local outdoor market is better than ever these days. So much fresh fruit, cheap kabocha, and vibrant wild mountain greens, it's simply the best.


Deep fried things... . hehe. Not fresh or healthy, but it's fun to watch them being made.


This past week was also included my mom's birthday, so I made a quick trip down to Cheonan to celebrate. We made some healthy pumpkin cake (recipe here). The addition of applesauce made it really really moist and delicious.


A typical breakfast at the Lee's. Toasted whole wheat bread with nondairy butter and marmite, split pea & lentil soup, fresh fruit, and lipton tea. My parents are so English when it comes to breakfast... . Birthday flowers in the background.


My mom's homemade kumquat jam which I've been spreading on everything lately, including the strawberry scones I made yesterday.

Happy Birthday to my umma~

More random eats to come. :)

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