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Random eats so far in 2012

Here are some random eats from the past week or so.


I've been craving bibimbab and banchan these days.

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Gosh, Korean food is quite simply the best.


Experimental ooey gooey pecan-choc chip shortbread bars.


I've also been baking and tasting new goodies to add to the bake shop.


Last week I visited Cheonan and got to enjoy some of my mom's danpatjook (sweet red bean porridge). A delicious traditional winter-time Korean treat.


My mom also made her own ddeok.


Lemon poppyseed muffin. I think I'm obsessed with anything lemony these days. Clean, bright, and zesty. Is it just me or does lemon taste like happiness?


Here's some of last week's homemade bread with pumpkin butter and bananas with apple jam on top.


Once that loaf ended, I made another one, this time with lots of poppyseeds, oats, and flax seeds sprinkled over it.


Last but not least, breakfast this morning was a glorious green monster smoothie. The first of the year. I finally unpacked my blender after months of leaving it buried in moving boxes because I really miss making morning smoothies! This one included 1 ripe banana, 1 cup unsweetened soy milk, 1 Tbs chia seeds, 1 handful spinach, a few ice cubes, and a squeeze of lemon. Seriously, green smoothies always make me feel so good about myself. Sometimes it's these little nourishing acts that set yourself up for a good day.


Happy Friday & have a good weekend!

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