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National Foods Mart in Itaewon

Looks like there's a new foreign food mart in town. National Foods Mart is directly across the street from the other 'original' foreign food mart in Itaewon that we all know and are familiar with. The store is fairly small but is packed with plenty of good products and seems way more organized. Everything has a price sticker, and they actually have cash registers that accept credit cards- some things that the FFM is lacking.


In terms of products, they have the basics covered like spices, canned and dried beans and lentils, imported snacks, fruit preserves, cereals, and even tempeh. They may not have some of the obscure products that the FFM carries, but I'm sure they'll continue to add things to their inventory over time.


Directions: Itaewon Station, Exit 3. Walk straight and turn right at the end of the block. Walk up the hill and the store will be on your right.

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