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baby it's cold outside...

Crappidy crap, it's so colddddd! blargh. Is it just me, or is winter this year extra brutal? I really ought to get a warmer coat, but in my mind, coat-shopping is a chore. Especially when trying to find a good cruelty-free one in Korea that is affordable and stylish at the same time. If anyone's got any leads, help a vegan sista out! Thankfully, I got some toasty gloves as a Christmas present the other day, so my hands are covered.

Anyhooz, Wednesday was my dad's birthday, so I made a quick trip to Cheonan to celebrate. Sadly, I wasn't able to do anything really special for him this year. :( Poor dad. I always feel bad because his birthday falls so close to Christmas day, and everyone's so busy that he doesn't get as much as he deserves. However, my mom put together a yummy birthday lunch:


Check out these onion ring jeon pancakes! Somehow, my mom got this idea of pouring the pancake batter into floured onion rings. hehe. They were cute and delicious.


bean sprout and chives banch'


For dessert, I made a blueberry-almond cake, using a recipe from a Korean vegan baking book.


I loaded it with tons of blueberries (frozen), so it was positively oozing with gooey goodness. The bottom got a bit over-baked and it was rather plain for a birthday cake (no frosting, sprinkles etc), but thankfully, my dad is a simple kinda-guy and is pretty easy to please in the sweets-department. He never says anything bad about my baking, even when I think it's a flop. haha. Love my dad!


Hm, onto some other vegan eats, I recently had lunch at Garobee buffet. Yummy and fresh.


Tater tots!!!! Let's all take a moment to picture Napoleon Dynamite stuffing his pockets with 'tots.

Well, it's Friday today, which means Christmas weekend! :) I'm going to a small potluck gathering tonight, and so i just made some miniature cookies and now I have a pumpkin pie in the oven. :) Fingers crossed... . If I don't post anything tomorrow, Merry Christmas!!! ta ta~

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