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Saturday Scenes

Had a fun-filled weekend! On Saturday, I attended OZE Escapade, a musical performance/installation show at the Mullae Arts Center. Actually, the main reason why I went was because my Alien's Day Out bake shop was catering vegan treats for the event! Jee Soo was one of the artists/planners of the event and as a vegan herself, she wanted to have a vegan reception. How cool is that? And ofcourse I was totally on board and thrilled at this new opportunity. As my first official catering gig, I was a bit nervous, but it all turned out awesome and things went off without a hitch.


Here's Jee Soo in one of her many performances. I didn't get a chance to see all of her pieces because I was busy prepping for the reception, but what I did experience was pretty awesome! It was so rad to meet her because we have so many things in common. We're both Korean, have both lived in the US and UK, and we're both interested in the arts! Oh, and we were both excited to be able to share vegan food with Korean omnis. :)


The reception was held in the cafe area of the Mullae Arts Center. Here are the things I made:


Coconut macaroons with chocolate drizzled on top.


Chocolate snickerdoodles. This is only about half of the lot.


Several trays of super moist and flavorful carrot-pineapple cake. I think this was the biggest hit! :)


Now if only I had some tofutti for the vegan cream cheese frosting... .


And finally, I made some thin mint squares, individually packaged for people to take home.


The boys from AWEH also attended the event and I believe they liked the vegan goodies!


I got some business cards printed... . finally!!!


After the art show and packing up my containers, the guys and I were wandering around the area and came upon the Mullae Artists Village which is located in one of the back alleyways. It was such a random yet awesome discovery because one wouldn't expect to find such a passionate artistic community in this crusty, run-down part of Seoul. During the day, the buildings function as old industrial complexes and factories, but then at night when all the businesses close up shop and the gates come down, you can see all these murals and graffiti, and the artists (and feral cats) come out of hiding.


hanging out by an outdoor video art installation.


Oh, and we also ended up going to Hongdae which is always suuuuper crowded on weekends.


Live performance in the playground park


This man and his ginormous husky have been on the streets of Hongdae for so many years. The dog is practically the mascot of Hongdae. He's such an impressive yet calm dog, letting strangers get close and pet him... . he needs a bath though.


The name of a store. :)

Anyhoo, that about sums up my Saturday night filled with creative, inspiring people! Good times all around.

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