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Fell + Cole @ Hongdae

I hope I'm not boring you with all these Hongdae posts, but there are just so many interesting veg-friendly places to blog about in this part of Seoul.


Last week, I got tipped off to a new ice-cream joint in Hongdae called Fell + Cole, and was told that they have vegan sorbet! I was there the next day.


You know you're somewhere special when one of their ice cream flavors is called "Darth Vader." :)


Cute halloween decorations~ I love it when Korean businesses get into the halloween spirit!


Apparently, the owner picked up the skills to make gastronomic ice cream when he lived in San Francisco. He is really kind, friendly, and speaks perfect English. The whole place is very foreigner-friendly~ And even though this place has a flair for wacky flavor combinations and prides itself on its use of high-quality ingredients, the interior and staff behind the counter are down-to-earth and unpretentious. Oh, and as soon as I told them I was vegan, they wasted no time in giving me sample spoons of all the dairy-free options!


I got to taste four different vegan sorbet flavors that they had in-stock that day: lemon, blueberry-banana, strawberry wine & szechuan pepper, and red wine & coke. Although sorbet is meant to be just fruit and sweetened water, this is Korea and often times vegan things are unveganized for no good reason, so it's nice that Fell + Cole knows what it's doing in the sorbet department.


In the end, I picked this Strawberry wine and Szechuan pepper sorbet (4,200 won). Perhaps a tad pricey, but delicious! The tiny pepper bits added a unique, slightly bitter edge to the overall sweet strawberry wine.


Lilian and I enjoying our cold treats. :)

Visit Fell + Cole's Facebook page for info & directions.

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